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I've seen Michael Aspel on television recently and I don't understand it. He is 73 years old and has fought the Big C but seems to have barely changed since he was a newscaster in the 1960's. He is still what my mother would have called Rather Dishy. How much work has he had done on his face? Are gruesome face peels a part of his pre-breakfast routine, along with a 20 mile swim and some weight training? Apparently he is to appear in the Rocky Horror Show, which means that he will probably have had to have his varicose veins done if he is to carry off the black stockings and suspenders convincingly.

The age of the Rather Dishy man seems to be over. Everybody seems to be obsessed with young, cute looking people, including women (at least this is an overdue role reversal. Middle aged men have been inappropriately lusting over 17 year old girls for centuries, and indeed attempting to form relationships with them once their first marriage is on the rocks).

It has come to something when most women would suggest that George Clooney is a tasty older man. Can't see it myself - he looks like a painting of a handsome man.

Still, we all have our foibles.

Anyway, the website Are Yer Courtin'? (which is aimed at single women in the 75 plus age range) has recently polled its visitors, asking them to choose their ideal dream date who had to be "of more mature age". They are:

1. Football manager Mark Hughes (would look "very rugged in an Arran jumper" apparently),
2. Miseryguts King Mod Paul Weller
3. Former Lovejoy Ian McShane
4. Michael Aspel off Crackerjack, This Is Your Life and the Rocky Horror Show
5. Hollywood's Stewart Grainger (deceased)
6. Actor and Emmerdale star Patrick Mower
7. One time star of Hair and dirty old man Oliver Tobias
8. Ooh la la, Sacha Distel (deceased)
9. "Whisperin'" Bob Harris (he has got "a lovely voice and way about him", apparently)
10. Michael Ball of the big booming voice

Well, most of them wouldn't be among my choices, but who knows in 30 years' time . . .

We all have our foibles.

What! No Jose Mourinho?
And forgive an obvious question but isn't being deceased something of a drawback (5 and 8)? Slightly unrewarding for a date. I mena, their credit cads wold be past their, er, exp;iry dates. Although I suppose if it's a dream it doesn't matter if they are rotten, in either sense of the word.
Wot, no Julio?
My dad once played Ian MacShane's mother in a school play when he was at Stretford Grammar.
From Antiques Road show to Rocky Horror show ... you couldn't make it up could you?
The Beep - Jose Mourinho is believed to appeal to the 30-something career woman who "likes a man who is a challenge".

Wyndham - Julio Iglesias is believed to be "a bit too '80's and old hat" for today's over-75 woman. He still got to number 17 in the poll, though.

MB - Good preparation for being in the Rocky Horror Show really.

Kaz - perhaps Hugh Scully will be the next one to stick on the corset and suspenders?
When I'm a foxy older spinster of a certain age I'm going to do a Joan Collins and only date preposterously young men.

For some reason I find this post extremely depressing.

I don't know any of these names so will have to go googling.

I just wrote a bunch of stuff about getting old but deleted it...to depressing. *sigh*

And no, they just don't make dishy older men like they used to. I feel like a pervert ogling the likes of Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. Its terrible, really.
But the Old Girl's didn't mention the original Silver Haired Fox. What an outrage. Now there's a man who doesn't know the meaning of Botox and doesn't care...
I'm slightly concerned you were on that site in the first place Bets...
Spinsterella - what you have to do if you're a single older woman apparently is move to France. French men are supposed to have a thing for older women (some of them also think that having a mistress as well is perfectly reasonable. You can't have everything I suppose).

Kyahgirl - perhaps the fact that these days women are attracted to younger men is down to the evolutionary process with everyone striving to live longer and stay healthier and younger looking. Anyway, don't feel guilty about ogling Johnny Depp: he's about 42 (therefore the same age as me) and hardly a boy.

Caroline - I must admit to ignorance as to who the original Siver Haired Fox was. I have looked on Wikipedia and the list of names included Leslie Nielsen, Jeff Chandler and Charlie Rich.

The only reason I was on that site in the first place is because, erm, I made it up.

Only kidding.
not that old, but still a dish: martin clunes*. mmmmmm.

* seriously. i love him.
hem hem, some would say more of a Toby jug than a dish, but we all have our foibles.
The only Silver Fox I can hink of is Charlie Gillet, the musical chap. He might well appeal and he's got a big cd collection.

Richard - I would imagine that David Jacobs would be the man that older ladies would go for, and they would find it hard to restrain themselves from getting their hands on his Al Bowley 78's.
If I was a "senior citizen" I would go for Christopher Lee, Paul Newman, the late Gregory Peck, Robert Redford, the late Vincent Price, and believe it or not, Ray Walston (the original My Favorite Martian.) I like that kind of suave look that some older gents get. But I'm still about 15 years away from finding it truly sexy!
Yeah, Christopher Lee, Paul Newman, phwoar ...

Anyway, I'm not sure if any of the current crop of pretty boy actors will age as well. Perhaps they will have to face what women actors have been facing for ages - becoming invisible at 50. Equality, eh?
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