Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Stuff on the evil lantern in the corner again. I watch it so that you don't have to watch me watching it.

TORY! TORY! TORY! - The concluding part (I have missed out the middle bit, you'll be glad to know). Of course the 1984 miner's strike is detailed and once again the pause button is pressed on frequent occasions as we go off at tangents with half-drunken anti-Thatcher rants.

I get particularly annoyed with Government Special Advisor Tim Bell, who suggests the miners had it easy because they could appeal to the public's emotions ("these brave and noble men, salts of the earth, sending canaries down mines ahead of them to test the gas, cut from the same cloth as the men in the First World War trenches", or words to that effect).

Oh, that would be men like my granddad, who died because his lungs were corroded with coal dust, or my dad who gave up working in the mines because he broke a leg in a pit accident, narrowly avoiding an amputation and having to spend 6 months convalescing.

What a brave and noble man you are, Mr Bell.

THE CHATTERLEY AFFAIR - A drama about the Lady Chatterley's Lover trial. When I say that it is an Andrew Davies adaptation you will immediately know that there will be a lot of shagging taking place. Two jurors - a posh bint and an working class thickie - end up cavorting with each other to mirror the plot of D. H. Lawrence's novel. No stereotyping of people because of social class takes place, honestly. A work of fiction, wouldn't you know. Haven't seen the end yet.

Meanwhile ...

Everyone should love EVERYONE HATES CHRIS.

I would also recommend CHAPPELLE'S SHOW, even if it is on one of those obscure channels called something like XZW + 1 Hour, and is only about 18 minutes long. I particularly liked Eddie Murphy's brother's reminiscences about his entourage playing basketball with Prince and The Revolution, who played in full Purple Rain regalia and trounced them.

I have been watching the nightly repeats of GREEN WING, because it is compulsory to do this if you are a blogger. It may actually be the blogging equivalent of National Service. We had to hit the pause button after seeing the bloke who looks like Peter Shilton, so that we could have a discussion of why Peter Shilton appeared in the Sunday papers after being found doing something untoward in a car.

Me: "Was he having it away with someone he wasn't married to?"

Husband: "No, he was caught using a Bullworker".

Watching Green Wing has been very character building, and I intend to write a Green Wing dissertation at some point in the near future.

Finally ...

A television dream from last night. I volunteer to be interviewed by Channel 4 who want to do research into people who watch The Sopranos. The woman interviewing me begins by asking me to highlight the best bits of each series.

I am completely stumped. I've forgotten anything that happened and have literally lost the plot. I'm even trying to remember what happened in each series for about 15 minutes after I wake up. It has been bugging me all day, actually.

I wouldn't watch the telly if I was you.

VERY LATE AMENDMENT: Everyone should love EveryBODY Hates Chris actually. I had even checked the bloody Guardian to make sure and THEY had got it wrong.

*kicks telly*

I don't watch it, but my missus does. Are we drifting apart? I fucking hope so!
Hmmm, I can't watch Green Wing it's too close to home - like a Busman's Holiday (the metaphor not the TV Quiz show).

Little do people know but it's actually a more accurate portrayal of Hospitals than Casualty.

Which is scary.

Still beats Lilly Savage.
I find Green Wing beyond crap; I much prefer No Angels.

The Chatterley programme was good, but I don't remember the book being half as interesting when I read it.
Tom - I trust that you're not having a good day. Try getting rid of the televison set.

MB - I'm glad now that when the careers officer asked me at school what would be the job I'd least like to do I answered "anything in a hospital".

Lost Boy - the Chatterley drama would've been a lot better without the shagging couple, although it would've been half as long. I keep thinking I must've read an expurgated version of the novel, because I didn't find it that steamy. Perhaps Andrew Davies made stuff up.

I used to watch a "so bad it's good" 70's/80's BBC drama serial called Angels. Particularly good were the Brummie mother and daughter Willoughby combo. "Comedy gold" as they say nowadays.
I rememmber 'Angels'. It featured the porcine-faced mistress of Richard Whiteley, didn't it?
Yes, Angels did feature the "porcine-faced mistress of Richard Whiteley". Ha ha, not a description that Lorraine Kelly would use before interviewing her. She played "tough but vulnerable" nurse Rose Butchens.

Blimey, my word verification is also the same as Richard Whiteley's mistress's surname - kvxvsix. What a spooky coincidence.
I feel terribly left out, and deeply ashamed, due my non-watching of Green Wing.

Whwn I have a Friday night in I start on the red wine and pizza at 5:30 pm, so I'm usually in bed by nine...

Myself and Flatmate did greatly enjoy the re-runs of Sean Bean's Bum. Didn't bother with the actual new drama though.
I actually watched No Angels the other night. You'll be less than surprised to hear I didn't like it.
The only funny thing set in a hospital I've seen are the scenes from The Singing Detective.

Oh, and hospital jelly. *Ha ha ha*
To me.

I've seen a broken leg set in a hospital.
To me.

Can you remember who was in the cast?
To me.

He won't remember - he was too busy getting plastered.
I thank yew! You've been a lovely audience!
Spinsterella - I feel left out and ashamed because I seem to have missed out on Sean Bean's Bum. It sounds like a film that is part of an installation at the Tate Modern. An homage to Yoko Ono, perhaps?

Wyndham - I haven't seen No Angels, but I love everything, me. This corner of blogworld is an oasis of joy and positivity, as usual.

Geoff - Carry On Doctor features a rare film appearance from the lovely Anita Harris.

Them two past it comedians - Betty's Utility Room: visited by the top Variety Club Of Great Britain stars ...
The lovely Anita Harris has now retired, but her mole is appearing in a new production of Wind In The Willows.

Have you heard her version of 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling', btw? Startlingly bad.
Tim - I Googled Anita Harris and ended up on a discussion board where a few people had got the lovely Anita Harris mixed up with the lovely Una Stubbs.

Her musical career stalled after Th Anniversary Waltz, which was a pity. I've not heard her version of You've Lost That Loving Feeling. Is it as strange as Cilla's version where she sings in a disturbing low register? Oh, or Paul Shane's classic version on Pebble Mill At One?

Excellent blog by the way, read the musical meme thing. Jackie Mittoo! The Gift (which I'd like played at my funeral)! Anyway, the husband drafted the same meme recently and will post it up in the near future @ http://geoffstellyblog.blogspot.com/
Was David Nixon "seeing" Anita Harris?
I refuse to believe that. David Nixon was a very very nice man and Anita was about 40 years younger than him. A bit like Des and Mel then.
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