Friday, March 24, 2006


It's officially the beginning of British Summer Time this weekend, so I feel dutybound to commemorate the fact by putting up a picture of some hares boxing in the seasonal style.

I once saw a mounted pair in the natural history section of a museum. They appeared to be doing the jitterbug or the lindy hop, or some other such 1940's craze which made the nation's dancefloors quake, or, in extreme cases, cave in.

Perhaps there should've been a soundtrack playing in the background.

Glen Miller's seminal String Of Pearls might have been an ideal choice, or the track which in this house is known as Transylvania 65-000.

Time to kick out the winter jams, as I believe the MC5 once advised us to do.

Hi Betty - Am I the first?
I thought you meant that the hares were mounting each other ..very daring for a museum.
I just looked out the window and it's winter again. That should spoil their fun.
bordering on cute here Betty but with a touch of spice. 'rabbits' and 'mounting' are all it takes for some evil dirty minds to go off into the gutter.
Kaz - you appear to be the first, unless someone else before you has been smenitaed, as they were all saying yesterday.

The hares were stuffed, except the proper term is mounted, apparently, and I'm scared that loads of taxidermists will be on my case along with all the Adam Rickitt people and the Echo and the Bunnymen fan who hates me. It's been a scary blogging week for me!

Kyahgirl - I probably will get even more frightening Google searches now. All I want to do is celebrate the joys of spring! Even that last sentence could sound a bit fruity, though ...

I'll just shut up.
Our 'boxing' kangaroos don't do shit for the start of summer. Just lie around around saying, 'maaate, it's a scorcher, innit?'

Well, there you go, hares probably have boxing bouts to keep warm. Spring is really late over here this year and there have been frosty nights and snow recently. Maybe they'll consider emigrating to somewhere hotter. A case of hare today, gone tomorrow.

(I had to shoehorn that one in, didn't I?)
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