Thursday, March 16, 2006


Essex Man
R.I.P. Psychbloke (well, the blog rather than the bearded blogger). If any more of my "favorite" blogs disappear (this is the third in as many months, so I'm exaggerating a bit) I will have to do some useful works in the community to fill the time, and that would never do.

* * * * * * *

Off to see the Truman Capote film later, featuring Hoffman, Philip, Seymour (a nod to Eric Morecambe and his "...and the winners are ... Porter! Dawn! Nyree!").

Don't expect an incisive Wyndham The T. style review later, though, as I will probably sleep all the way through it to make up for last night's wakefulness. I was woken from a nightmare in which a grinning Gyles Brandreth lookalike locked me in the room of a large Victorian house and started tickling me under my arms. I started screaming out in my sleep "MUMMY! HELP ME! MUMMY!"

I am 42 years old.

whoah ...whooh.....

(sorry - just me tryin' to sound ghostly there.... I'm dead, but I plan to haunt the interweb for a bit longer)

I'm still on my 'sharing the love' comic offer though!

Send us an email!:
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why do people stop? i'm never, ever going to*. just to annoy you all.

i dreamed the other night that max bygraves was trying to teach me to play "bring your daughter to the slaughter" on the accordion. i kept fucking the middle eight up and he gave up in the end.
* until i do, of course.
Well I never went on PB's site and now I can't..shame.

Your dream is truly disturbing (although Surlygirls' accordian playing is a worry) however I think you will agree that wanting to own a toe shop beats you both.
I just feel proud of my twisted mind...
bloggers are dropping like flies!

Caroline-I do worry about the toe shop thing. Have you considered therapy?
I'm never going to stop either.

Unless I get a life.

Or a boyfriend.

So probably never. Ever. Hooray!
I keep thinking about stopping then I remember that in order to do that I'd need a 12 step program which I simply don't have time for on account of all the blogging.
Psychbloke - yeah, will do. I suppose these days you will have to devote all your energies from beyond the grave to bidding for Jodie's suitcase on E-bay - http://trashaddict.blogspot.com/2006/03/open-and-shut-case-jodie-marshs-big.html

Surly Girl - perhaps Max will make a guest appearance when you go to see Iron Maiden live. After all, we can find out what is going to happen in the future through the medium of dreams. Then again, perhaps he is going to kick the bucket soon.

Caroline - strange that you and Geoff should both have the same dream about the toe shop. I might have been able to work out what it means if I still had my parents' crappy book about interpreting dreams ("everyone dreams the occasional dream" it says on the blurb. How interesting). Perhaps you ought to consult a reflexologist.

Kyahgirl - perhaps it's because of avian flu. It feels like bits of the internet are dropping off or not working properly at the moment anyway.

Spinsterella - you might find it hard to give up even if you do get into a relationship. Hey! You could even do a blog about how crap your other half is! Why not call it My Boyfriend Is A Twat - you could be on to something there!

Fuckkit - somewhere out there someone is probably starting up a consultancy to cure blogging addicts. It has to happen.
Few people have stranger dreams than I. Mine are at http://freakulosity.blogspot.com If you want to feel psychologically superior, come read them!
Cheesemeister - my own dreams are usually pretty mundane. The one about failing to revise for my maths exam the next day happens every few months and I STILL get all flustered about it. You'd think I would've learnt by now.
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