Wednesday, February 08, 2006


... by request, and because I like to be the last and worst to get on any bandwagon.

Oh, and I'm peeved that there aren't any swear words in it.

Gawd, that was MY request. And we had a bet that "James Blunt" and "daft" would come up. You've been robbed old thing.

There IS a button where you can say you didn't like the last one...I had to press it because they say the word 'mom' in mine and, lets face it, I've never used that..

Press again for daft option.
For some reason Blogger doesn't want to publish your comment Caroline. They also didn't want to publish my post half an hour ago, and I wanted it to be above this one but they won't do that either. I thought they had sorted the recent problems out, naively.

Perhaps I should do another post in my current mood. THEN there would be a lot of swearing in the wordcloud ...
Oh, look, they've just posted your comment after all.

Monkey's nuts. What the f*** is going on?
Glad to see the word triffid nestling in there at the bottom - gives the whole exercise a touch of class.
'Sir Song' - Is that Cliff?
Wyndham - it's in very small writing though ...

Geoff - Probably, but I'm more worried about the prominence of the words Old One. That definitely has to refer to me.
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