Thursday, February 23, 2006


stick your blue flag up your arseYou know, I really am a *people person* and in my increasingly rare trips out into the real world I really love to *people watch*. Hey! Real people are so INTERESTING aren't they? Obviously not creative dynamic types like us bloggers, but fascinating nonetheless.

Anyway, last night I was in a humble curry house and was doing a spot of *people watching*.

The couple at the next table had two daughters who were "texxing" for the entire time they were there. Now, in my youth my bloody parents would have swiped the bloody phone out of my hands after five minutes and probably confiscated the bloody thing if I had behaved in this manner. However, mobile phones had not been invented then (indeed, there was no means of communication except the carrier pigeon during my childhood. This is why people of my generation are stoic, quiet and uncomplaining).

At the opposite end of the room a conversation was going on between a waiter and three people who must have been regulars about childbirth, and how awful it is. One of the women made the often heard observation that "if men had to have children, there'd only be one child in every family". Well the reason I'm an only child is that my mother found childbirth excruciatingly painful. Perhaps she was too much of a WUSS to be a real woman, but I was very grateful not to have any horrible brothers and sisters to have ongoing fractious relationships with anyway.

Another waiter came to the table and a conversation ensued about football. How has Chelsea FC, the wealthiest club in Britain, owned by multi millionaire oligarch Roman Abramovich, allowed its pitch to turn into a mudbath (see photo of the Stamford Bridge ground above)? Was it, as Barcelona players have suggested, a deliberate ploy to put them off in their recent Champions League match against the Spanish team?

Chicken madras, since you asked. I really will have to make a few more trips out into the real world. People are so colourful, aren't they?

Thank-you Betty. I always like to garner at least one laugh from cyber space before I go to bed living, as I do, at the start of the world, and you have provided it tonight.

PS: Currently screening here on Sky: Nighty Night. Fab.
Nighty night, Caroline.

Meanwhile, over here on the other side of the world it is 10.04 in the morning and snow is falling outside. Gee, cyberspace is awesome.

(older readers may remember the radio programme Two Way Family Favourites).
Not blogging from workie are we? Tsk. I find the word texting FAR more offensive, I mean you can't even say it.

Mobile 'phones totally (like- totally-gay-like) banned from dinner tables chez Caroline.
The expression round here seems to be "texxing", as in "I sent him two texxis, but he never got back to me".
Why *do* people talk so loudly in restaurants? The only thing I say loudly in restaurants is: 'If I wanted to know what you two were yakking on about I'd come over and sit next to you now please put a sock in it.'
Do you and Geoff have conversations or do you, like myself and Veronica, sit there the whole time ear-wigging other people's conversations?
Lost Boy - the ones I hate most are people who talk in big booming voices about stuff that is going on at work, and how they are a big mover and shaker. Perhaps they should just wear a t-shirt with "LOOK HOW IMPORTANT I AM" written on it in huge letters.

Wyndham - a bit of both, I think. Apparently I'm the one who picks up on what other people are saying more. That's what women do, of course ...
oh yes


real people, that is

positively rainbow-like

meantimes, i notice the 'have your say' on the bbc website is 'are you disappointed about wembley?'

to which my reply (had i been arsed to give one) would have been: i couldn't give a tinker's cuss now bog off

ah yes, i'm full o' the joys of, er, spring
Urban Chick - I should imagine that the only people who do give a tinker's cuss are Londoners who think every amenity should be on their doorstep.

And cheer up, it might never happen. That's what they always say to me anyway.
yes, *people watching* - I do love it. Especially at airports.
People should just f-off with the cell phones though. I do have one and it can be useful but I don't torture myself or anyone else with it. It annoys me to listen them ringing everywhere, to hear people shouting into them, the endless texting...Who the hell do you need to talk to so urgently in the grocery store?

I'm definitely of the 'older crusty' generation that doesn't care if you can reach me 24/7.
*bit grumpy today*
thanks for the opportunity to vent a bit :-)
Like yours, my mum only did it once. My favourite 'people watching ' is observing sibling rivalry in all its amazing variations.
Kyahgirl - I'm part of the older crusty generation that doesn't like to be reached at any hour of the day. Don't apologise for being grumpy. I am definitely grumpy 24/7.

Kaz - yeah, seeing other people's "happy families" doesn't exactly instil you with a belief in the human race ...
It's just come to me that Geoff is your partner.

*sound of penny dropping, very, very slowly*
Caroline, so wonderful is their relationship that they only communicate via their blogs.
Betty, I am part of an even older and crustier generation who would not even begin to think about using terms like "24/7", and seeing it in use makes me even grumpier.
South West trains have some carriages assigned as "quiet zones" where cell phones are banned. There is always someone in one of these carriages using a cell phone. I am hoping to witness one of the commuters carry out a frenzied attack on one of these people. If it happens I will texx you.

gyayrw - texx shorthand for "I have lost my wristwatch in a New Delhi bordello".
Caroline, what Vicus says is true. Geoff hasn't spoken to me since we renewed our wedding vows in 1965. That's why I'm such a bitter, twisted, sad old crone.

Vicus - perhaps you could instigate an attack on one of the cell phone users and record it on your video phone. Why should happy slapping be the preserve of surly teenagers?

Incidentally, I hope your wristwatch was returned.
The problem with curry houses is that they are frequented by the working classes. Personally I prefer Claridges.

I couldn't 'alf go a chiken madras right now.
I'll have you know that the great and the good have dined in the same curry houses as me, even if I wasn't in their party.

Well ... Roy Wood from Wizzard and Paul Shane off of Hi-De-Hi.

Paul Shane ordered a chicken tikka massala.
Yes, I too am greatly concerned by the state of the Stamford Bridge pitch. It reminds me of my childhood - two jumpers for goalposts etc etc.
I also enjoy people watching, the best fun was working in the pub. Its an eye-opener remaining sober while everyone else around you slowey loses control of their basic motor functions ;)
Tom - you must have lived in a very muddy part of the world. Romney Marshes? The Norfolk Broads during the rainy season? Those two jumpers would have needed to be boil washed afterwards.

Fuckkit - sounds a bit like the person in our group last night who had volunteered to drive and was on the soft drinks all evening ...
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