Thursday, February 09, 2006


I have been getting confused by the arguments for and against professional bloggers, basically because I'm not even sure what the term means. At any rate, visitors to this site will instantly realise that I am in the realm of the rank amateurs (or "wank amateurs" as littlemark out of Take That would have it).

Still, I'm from quite a common background, and our sort tends to cast aside our principles at the first whiff of money. So I am proud to announce that in future Betty's Utility Room is joining the ranks of the professional bloggers and will be sponsored by the following establishments:

* Amazin' Glazin (for all your window-related needs) of Aldridge, West Midlands.
* Herr Flix Unisex Hair Design - The Broadway, Bexleyheath, Kent.
* Cheryl-Marie's Beauty Parlour (With A Tanning Room In The Lean-To) - The High Street, Church Stretton, Shropshire.

You will all have noticed the fancy new graphics that accompany the blog, and it's all thanks to the financial aid provided by these kind businesses! I will be doing my best to get higher stat returns!

OUT goes grumbling, swearing, references to dreary 1970's sitcoms and being horrible about Jono Coleman!

IN comes advice to get new windows fitted, that you have a sac and crack wax if you want to have a shouting chance with the laydeez, or suggestions that a vegetable rinse could really boost the condition of your hair. Oh, and there will be loads of gurlly posts about handbags, babies' names, how Teri Hatcher is too thin and the cute but funny things that little kiddies say. Oh, and of course I'll be involving YOU the reader much more - by asking you to leave your comments on stuff like the most embarrassing thing that happened to you on a first date!

There's a great future ahead of us and I can feel a warm glow all over! Still, you don't want to know about my problems.

Seriously, do people make money out of blogging? I enjoy my visits to your worthy site but one pop-up ad and you won't see me for dust, unless of course it's for double glazing - I might pause awhile to look at that. Do you know that if I get five windows done I can get a free door. Too good to be true isn't it! I'm always wary of offers like that - I've been had before you know.
been had before, eh, tom?

i think this might constitute one of betty's requested 'most embarrassing stories' - spill the beans, woncha?

erm, B, handbags? you trying to stomp all over MY territory

i am inches away from being offered sponsorship by matalan or primark (we're in a competitive bidding situation now)
Tom - I'm delighted to see that you've already found out about the marvellous offer currently available from AMAZIN' GLAZIN' of ALDRIDGE! It sounds as though in a previous experience the windows were fitted but you were left without a front door. Very tricky.

UC - Matalan and Primark? Pah,small potatoes - I'm in talks with Poundland. Now that really would really be a jackpot - I'd get shed loads of bottles of 1997 shampoo with Turkish writing on.
i haven't got anything constructive to say but i thought i'd pipe up anyway. you know me.

this comment brought to you by My Dull Employers, darkest East Anglia.
Surly Girl - constructive comment here? That would be unthinkable.
My blogs already sponsored by Night Nurse, Nurofen Meltlets and Magners Cider.
Kellycat - I hope you/they don't encourage your readers to imbibe those products at the same time.
Don't think you'll get sponsored by 'Principles' eh?

I thought I commented on this the other day betty...must be losing my marbles.
Why would a person want advertising on their site? I see things saying 'increase your traffic-do this this and that' but what's the point? I just like to socialize on the blog.
Oh course I do Betty. Have you read my blog? It's what gets me through the day.

I'm the East Anglian version of Courtney Love, as Surly frequently reminds me.
KAZ - There's a thought ... how principled is Principles?

Kyahgirl - I'm still not quite sure what pro-blogging is exactly, or even if it's possible to make money from blogging. Hmm, I suppose people are motivated by different things and a lot of people go through life viewing everything as a business opportunity. Still, who am I to judge, eh?

Kellycat - you should try sticking to a natural high, man. Can you get magic mushrooms in Suffolk?
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