Friday, January 27, 2006


Vote! Vote Pete Burns!

Vote! Vote Caroline!

pete burns was genius in the big brother movie. i loved that jodie marsh wrote a fuzzy felt book....

what a dull comment this is.
I like what he said about the loathsome Preston having a sneaky, lying, manipulative side "which will serve him well in whatever career he decides to pursue". Miaow!

I'm also hoping Preston's girlfriend is waiting for him with a huge rolling pin/frying pan for use as weapon when he leaves tonight.

Apologies to anyone who has not been watching Big Brother ...
Sadly, not a one of them has had the perspicacity to remind Mr Burns he's a one-hit wonder. Which places him on a par with... ummm... Peter Andre, say.
Except you can't dance to Mysterious Girl at an indie disco.

Like a record baby, right round, round round.
I don't think anyone would have the courage to tell Mr Burns to his face that he is a one-hit wonder.
I've never been to Caroline's blog before Betty!. Its brilliant of course. Thanks for the tip.
Indeed it is Kyahgirl.
Well thank goodness the conversation has come back to me. No Big Brother here.

Surly girl was a bit, um, surly wasn't she?

Thanks Kyahgirl! X And lovely Betty too.
Caroline, I'm not sure my endorsement will do you any favours (sorry, FAVORS, I really will have to make an effort to project myself and appeal to an international demographic). Anyway, Pete Burns only ended up in 5th place.

There is, however, still time to VOTE! for Caroline in the Bloggie awards ...
One can only do one's best and I thank-you.

I think I might be sick actually.
PS: You stop using those 'u's' and I'm never coming on here again. Also I will tell my Mom.
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