Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Last night I was watching the Billy Wilder film Witness For The Prosecution. It starred the splendid Charles Laughton.

One thing disturbed me: I could see an uncanny resemblance between Charles and *troubled* Celebrity Big "Bruv" nominee for eviction Jodie Marsh.

There is a similar glazed, myopic quality about the eyes.

If Jodie goes on to direct a film of the classic stature of The Night Of The Hunter, people will have to do a U-turn in their opinion of her.

I only saw Celebrity Big "Bruv" because the remote control was stuck on Channel 4. Honest guv.

Oh, and I know you "can't see it". It's just me, that's all.

I can see it but it's not the eyes, it's the nose.
Someday, all celebrities will look like Jodie Marsh.....
Kellycat - saw the rest of the film last night. It's the eyes, the nose, the mouth ... not so sure about anything below the neck though.

Psychbloke - if so, they will be following the lead of at least half of the girls around here, give or take the surgical enhancement and hair extensions. I don't know if they have the same rich internal life though.
How many reality shows does Jodie Marsh need to go on?

Considering that she became a "celebrity" after appearing in Essex Wives, and she was also in that Celebrity Club Rep thing. Hasn't she been in The Games or The Farm or something like that as well?
Kellycat - I'm not er really familiar with her "body of work" but I've read that she was bullied horribly at school for being a speccy four-eyes swat, and that she passed millions of A-levels or something, and now she has re-invented herself as a comic book Essex girl. She does seem to be running out of reality shows to appear on though.
An apology. I think I may have intended to say that Jodie Marsh was formerly a school swot rather than a school swat. I can't comment on her ability to kill bluebottles with a rolled up copy of the TV Quick.
I despise George Galloway.

Hopefully the twats that voted for him will think twice before indulging the preening dickhead again.
I presume he was attempting to subvert the medium by talking about the war in Iraq without realising that he would be censored, which suggests he'd never seen the programme before.

I don't know how he's coming across as I've only watched a few minutes here and there, but last night I saw him impersonating a cat while Rula Lenska stroked his back and offered him an imaginary saucer of milk to drink.

This sort of thing would not have happened in the days of the Attlee government. Well, it might have happened behind the scenes but was quietened up for years before the Profumo scandal broke ...

Latest news is that Sir James The Saville, the world's most disturbing man, is to be shipped into the house for a couple of days as this year's Jackie Stallone. Now then.
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