Friday, January 13, 2006


Each day 85,000 blogs are created. This means there is now only a limited amount of room in what used to be called cyberspace. Drastic measures are required. It has been announced that within the next month, all blogs with an average of less than 40 comments per post (if you are a blogger and you're not Jonny B or Scary Duck, this means YOU) will be obliged to share their blog with someone else.

In this spirit, it is with great pride that I announce that I am following the Government's new Blogshare initiative, and welcome a new roommate. Think of it as taking in a lodger (and hoping that they don't have gangland connections or pass really smelly stools).

'utch up, there's room for a little one!



Hi and welcome to the very first entry of my new weblog!

Betty has very kindly loaned me the use of her weblog for one day a month (for a nominal payment) and I'll be talking about all the things that are happening around me! I hope you enjoy it!!

I'm new to the weblogging craze but I'm sure we'll make friends over the months and years!

I'm a 33 year old mum of Matthew (aged 6 - otherwise known as Obvious Junior Major!!!) and Molly (aged 3 - otherwise known as Obvious Junior Minor!) and I'm married to Jonathan Obvious (otherwise known as Mr O, for obvious reasons!!!!!!).

Here are some of the things I've been thinking about in the past few weeks!

* Gosh, isn't it horrible getting up on these horrible dark days at this time of year. And it's so cold - I hate having to leave the house!!!

* We took the Christmas decorations down a few days ago. I don't know about you, but I think the living room looks really BARE now!!

* Celebrity Big Brother is back on the telly - not that you could call any of them celebrities!! To me, "Preston" will always be a town in northern England!!!

* The January sales are upon us again. Gosh, they really have put some rubbish out on the racks and shelves. I was on the lookout for a pair of smart black bootleg-cut trousers and some white shirts for work but could I find anything? The shops were full of hipster jeans and tiny tops more suitable for skinny minny teenage girls!!! And the shop assistants are so rude!! Even good old Next and Marks and Sparks have let me down, and are full of teenagers' clothes!!

* I see Charles Kennedy has quit as leader of the Liberal Democrats. He seemed like a nice man but in the end he had to go really I suppose!!

* Finally, on a happier note, my son, Obvious Junior Major, came third in his class reading competition!

Anyway, until next month, take care of yourselves. This is Maureen Obvious signing off!!!

ah, the lovely maureen. i usually avoid blogs with "musings", "ramblings", "thoughts" or "random" in the title, but mrs o really has opened my eyes to what i'm missing!!!!!!

Does this mean I've got Mr Obvious?

And am I only allowed one blog now?
Thank you for your encouraging and complimentary comment Surly Girl!!!!! I will have to check out your weblog some time!!!!
I'm sorry, Maureen, but I really don't think you exist. I think you're another of Betty's spurious creations.
Geoff - it looks as though you are lumbered, um sorry, have the privilege of a blogshare with Jonathan O. who will no doubt be yabbering on about the deadline for some report or other at work. Perhaps he could go on you Noel Edmonds blog.

Wyndham - you may well think she doesn't exist but you'll be laughing on the other side of your face in a few weeks when you have to share a blog with someone who details their depressing, debilitating illness in an on-line diary.
I don't believe it either.
so Betty, you've finally decided to embrace your multiple personality disorder?
What about all us misanthropic bastards who don't want to share a blog?

Will it be like those road lanes restricted to people who car share?

I'll have to get an inflatable fellow blogger in case the old bill do a sweep.....
I'm not bloody sharing with Surly. I know where she's been.
Maureen has covered all my pending posts.

Maybe I should retire
That was not the real Barry Onions, who of course has an excellent blog, The World Is Just A Great Big Onion.

Kyahgirl - I don't have multiple personalities - just an odious one.

Psychbloke - times are tough in the blogging world, particularly for misanthropic bastards. It's going to get worse before it gets better. I'm reminded of those WW2 government information films where housewives were advised that they could make a delicious stew for the whole family out of boiled donkey hooves and diluted gravy browning ...

Er, Garfer, I think Maureen says what we all would like to say but we don't have her knowhow. So we'll all end up retiring and there will be loads of space for new bloggers. A job well done!
Well I don't know about everybody else, but I didn't think life could be so interesting till I read your new blogsharer. Please advise where I can get one of my own.
Mark - you have to contact the Junior Secretary at the Government Department Of Bloggery in writing. There's a lot of red tape involved but it's worth it.
" times are tough in the blogging world, particularly for misanthropic bastards".

Damn - I've been forecasting the end of the blogosphere for ages, but it was all fatuous poncing around.
Maybe I should get in supplies and paint the inside of the windows white.
We'll see what happens to all our smug neighbours with through lounges when we have to take the doors off to build a shelter......

Mind you, we're not allowed donkeys - it's a residential area....
"maureen", i note, also has a chronic case of EEMS* - an affliction which has been known to trouble me in the past

maureen, pet, let me recommend a weekly session of reiki - there's an awf'lly nice chap who does it in the lobby outside the bexleyheath branch of asda and it'll only set you back a fiver for three hours

* Excessive Exclamation Mark Syndrom (yes!!!! really!!!)

Hey! That Maureen cow has nicked all my best blog ideas! They could've kept me going for several weeks. Why I oughta...!
Thank you for your advice "Urban Cheek"!!! I hadn't really noticed before you mentioned it that I used a lot of exlamation marks - however, my friends tell me that they reflect my bubbly personality!!!!!

"Delboy" - thank you for the compliments!!!! I have looked at your "website" and it is very colorful. I see that like me you have many of the "Now That's What I Call Music Volume 10" records. I haven't played them for several years but they certainly remind me of my "discoing" days of wearing ra ra skirts and blue eyeshadow, which is rather embarrassing!!!!
Psychbloke - I don't think it's time yet to resort to the measures of shoppers in Bexleyheath Asda (as mentioned above) who wiped the shelves clean of bottled water and tinned peas within hours of the war in Iraq being announced. I just hope that Protect And Survive information film doesn't make a comeback (used to scare the shit out of me). Meanwhile, all donkeys should be kept indoors.
You forgot to mention that Spinsters are exempt from this blog-sharing business. We're clearly not capable of any form of co-habitation.
Bottled water, tinned peas and a donkey?

I'll take my chances on the street.........
Au contraire, Spinsterella, this is an ideal opportunity for selfish, career-minded single women to show the caring nurturing side which is at the heart of all true women everywhere! It is all good preparation for the time when you have a big burly husband and three rosy cheeked children to look after - THAT is the path to true happiness.

Psychbloke - you can of course take your chances on the street, but remember that there is NO LAW in a war zone.
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