Saturday, January 07, 2006


Yesterday's headline of the day in the Metro (the commuter's freebie paper whose real name should be Yesterday's News - Today!) ...


I was hoping there would be a bit underneath in smaller writing saying


Well that one should have got the all important, tut-tutting-frostyknickers-little-Englanders whose votes will put the Conservatives back into power spluttering over their bacon roll and latte.

Unfortunately David C. was talking about his musical preferences. He also has a liking for Pulp, Blur and Radiohead (all popular around the time of New Labour's 1997 landslide victory ... is he playing Freudian games with potential voters' heads?)

That'll be something to make Laughing Boy out of Radiohead even more happy then.

Cameron is Blair's mini me.

I don't care what the twat has on his pod.

Does he believe anything, or does be aspire to Blair's baby oiled vacuousness?
The actual headline was "I Love Young Will". Buckingham Palace and Clarence House both declined to comment.
Garfer - the ideal party leader these days seems to be someone who admits to having no opinions whatsoever so as not to upset anybody. It won't be long before a Man At Burton's shop window dummy is elected as Prime Minister, you mark my words.

Vicus - those old Etonian habits are hard to break, aren't they?
Radiohead? He's lost my (highly improbable) vote already.

I shall send the nice young chap a Pink Floyd CD so he can compare and contrast.

The above comment is not intended in any way whatsoever as an endorsement of either of the above mentioned popular music combos.
Mark - Mr Cameron appears to be trying to appeal to the thirtysomething Charlies and Emilys who listen to Radiohead on the school run and are fed up with that Mr Blair because he's looking a bit haggard now and, well there's a danger that he might re-introduce those ghastly turkey twizzlers to Poppy and India's school menu and really, we are absolutely cash strapped trying to pay off a mortgage on a big drafty house in N1 - after all, we earn 200 grand between us which isn't THAT much these days, and we have to think of Poppy and India's school fees in a few years time, and that nice Mr Cameron is SO freshfaced and it's time for a change, isn't it?

Sorry. I will have a sit down and a couple of blood pressure tablets now.
Does anyone else want to start a new country? We could annex the Isle of Wight, or some deserted Scottish Island. It'd be fun. Please. Anyone?
Problem is Del that there would be so many people who'd want to start a new country that you'd have to annex somewhere bigger than the Isle of Wight ...
Hmmm. Well, I'd set tight immigration controls. That'd show the Tories. See how you like it!

To be quite honest, the place would just end up being me, and the people I can stand to spend more than 15 minutes with. So, just me then. Hehey. And I might need a laugh track. And a bulb horn. Honk honk. I'll call it Delsville. Marvellous.
Del - judging by that, it seems that you might have to issue yourself with an ASBO.
he's a weirdo
GSE - I saw your comment here in the e-mail section and didn't know which post it was on, so I was trying to guess who you were referring to - George Galloway? Jimmy Saville? David Cameron? Miserable Thom Yorke? Or the man Del who comments above? Compared to the previous four he seems to be an oasis of sanity.
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