Friday, December 09, 2005


There is already the threat that we are going to get "something for the house" as a Christmas gift (from one quarter, anyway). I would honestly rather have vouchers where at least you can buy something you want rather than something useless and cumbersome which will take up too much room. Thing is, I suppose, vouchers don't make for a very interesting shaped present, and that's the main thing, isn't it?

I'm not that difficult to get gifts for, but I have made myself so unpopular over the years with my grumpy, uncommunicative ways that I don't get many presents. Anyway, these are always the top three choices (in theory but not necessarily in practice for numbers 2 and 3 anyway):

1. French perfume. I like my perfume like my men - old fashioned, heavy and Oriental ("??"). Don't understand modern perfumes, or "scent" as men always say. Who wants to smell of "the ocean" (yeurk!) or "have a fresh melony quality". I could buy melons from Quicksave and daub them all over me if I wanted to be "all the fashion", though, and it would be cheap ...

2. French bulldog puppy. French bulldogs are, in this household, judged to be almost the best thing, ever. Mind you, he would have to be able to use the toilet (and not leave the seat up), do the ironing and look after himself when we were on holiday (recording Sky Plus, watering the plants, etc.)

3. One of those slightly haggard looking French men. Which is all hypothetical, as I am happily married. Still, if the husband decides to leave me for a giggly 19 year old I might consider it as not only are they extremely dishy, they apparently have a thing for the older woman. Hmm, a lot of them also have a thing about keeping a mistress or two on the side. Still, you can't have everything at my age.

Happy shopping dahhn Argos at the weekend, folks.

I'd go for the puppy. Unlike men, you can teach them tricks! ;-)
Well, fair enough, I'd agree with you up to a certain point but I've not encountered any men who enjoy rolling around in fox poo or chewing up furniture.

Perhaps I've just been lucky.
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