Tuesday, December 13, 2005


A toast today, folks (as the Old Codgers used to say) for my husband, who is celebrating/tolerating his birthday.

He is much appreciated despite all the mithering.

Besides which, he has to put up with me every day of his life, and nobody else would.

happy birthday, geoffster.

mine's a pint.
You soppy sausages. Thank you.

My birthday post is on my new blog (geoff's ordinary blog no longer the blog which reviews television programmes that nobody else watches, not since Saturday, anyway).

Am I allowed blatant self-promotion today?
Only for today, you slaaag.

It looks like it's going to be a cheap round, doesn't it?

Thanks anyway, SG.
Happy birthday.

does it have a 0 or 5 on the end? cos they're they only ones that count once you're past 30:-)
Thank you Missus A. It ended in a 4 so he wasn't forced to endure a massive celebration.

Just getting to his age is a bonus in itself though.
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