Tuesday, December 13, 2005


People of Hertfordshire, England, UK - or perhaps that should read people of south eastern England, UK, should be made aware that, due to the recent Hemel Hempstead oil depot fire, for the next forty years at least they will have to dress like the two fellows here every time they go outdoors.

Top one, nice one, get sorted.

very fashionable ;o)
that's been my look since about 1991...well, should save a few pennies at primark then
They were ahead of their time, those boys, and the nearest thing to local stars from my neck of the woods apart from the comedian Dave Gorman (... if he counts).

Meanwhile, down here in B'heath, we saw the huge blanket of smoke obscuring an otherwise cloudless sky on Sunday. Very strange. I'm still waiting for huge amounts of toxic soot to cover windows/cars/trees etc. No white Christmas on the cards by the look of it.
Bets darling – this the second or third time I have seem you write that you are ‘just a secretary’ (just looked at your fav things) can you cancel those words from your vocabulary Right Now? It’s just self-downing bollocks – you are a very, very funny writer. You also have the capacity to write from the heart. And I think you know that. Just get on with it – you’re an author. Write away.
er, that would be 'SEEN'.
Um, I don't know what to say - thank you, anyway. I'm not sure what I do is writing from the heart though - I've always thought of it as just showing off. Perhaps talking out of my arse would be nearer the truth.

I didn't notice the SEEM until you pointed it out, but then I failed a proof reading course at the first stage.
Believe it or not, I do have to dress like that sometimes. Similar anyway.
I ca well believe it. I find it handy to dress like that while cycling down country lanes when it's raining
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