Friday, December 30, 2005


Well, the indignity of posting up a post-Christmas post.

*rolls eyes*

I don't know about you but I still feel as though I'm running on emergency energy supplies and am not quite there. A combination of highly salted and high sugar content foods plus excessive alcohol intake has left me feeling even more slow and bovine than usual. Every time I eat I feel queasy and my thought processes have slowed down to a snail's pace.

I seem to recall a few things happening over Christmas in a strange collage of overheard remarks, a bit like the excellent Ritual Landscape man, but I won't have a go at writing in his style because it would just be crap done by me. Besides, I'm not quite sure what did and didn't happen.

One thing which sticks in my mind is falling asleep ten minutes into watching a DVD by the Cornish comedian Jethro. Well, the person concerned had asked for it as a present but added "don't get any of his crude ones with the bad language on!"

This makes as much sense as asking for a Graham Norton compilation DVD in which he doesn't use the word "penis".

Anway, from what I gather, most of Jethro's act consists of referring to some bloke or other who "gave herrr a porrrtion over the bonnet of a Forrrd Fiesta" or something along those lines.

He was not referring to a gentleman sharing his bag of fish and chips with a young lady. At least I don't think so.

The other thing that sticks in my mind is that someone said to the husband "I know you're not a racist in any way, but ..." which makes a change from the usual conversation opener "I'm not a racist, but ..."

Sorry, I can remember nothing else that has happened since.

I will try to think of some sort of feeble New Year's resolution before 2005 goes belly up.

Jethro is an inbred wanker.

Do the world a favour and burn that DVD.
I might be doing the world a favour, but diplomatic relations with family members would be at an all time low ...
Jethro sounds freakin' hilarious! I'll have to find out where I can order a copy.
I haven't yet indulged in any alcohol as I've been working, but too much salt and sugar? Yes, that showed up when I stepped on the scale. Not like I'm anywhere in the neighborhood of skinny, so it makes me none too!
I quit smoking quite easily all things considered. Why the hell can't I ditch this mindless nibbling?
It is hard when you work at night. This is why there are so many chunky health care workers!
Jethro is an inbred wanker? Hmmm--does this make him something like a Welsh Jeff Foxworthy?
My new year's resolution is to eat more cheese during the coming year. And dark chocolate. I think I can do that!
Hope your celebration time was fun. Mine was spent taking an incontinent elderly gent to the bathroom and checking on a lady with a bad cold who was nervous about her seeming inability to breathe. (She was ok.)
the Cheesy One
Happy New Year Betty.

BAck to work tomorrow :o(
Still feeling lethargic. Apparently it is now 2006.

Cheesemeister - I will have to look up who Jeff Foxworthy is. Jethro is Cornish rather than Welsh - a Celt, but further down the west coast. I don't think that Garfer was being complimentary in describing him as an in-bred wanker.

As a health care worker you're among the low percentage of people who have a job which is actually of worth to society, therefore you end up having to work on New Year's Eve while the rest of us slobs spent the time complaining about how crap it all is while drinking and eating into the early hours. Hmm. Hope you managed some sort of celebration after anyway.

A happy new year to you as well Aginoth.

To anyone else reading this, hope your 2006 is prosperous/happy/tolerable/results in you becoming filthy rich (delete according to preference).
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