Saturday, December 03, 2005


Sky News set aside 6 hours to show George Best's funeral, which may be going slightly over the top. I mean to say, did they devote this amount of time to the funeral of one of our smashing smashing royals, such as the lovely Princess Margaret (who was also able to knock back a fair amount of booze in her time)?

As far as I know, the BBC News 24 service didn't use Raymond Baxter to describe the cortege in hushed tones. How times change. I'm sure they could have paid to drag him out of the BBC Home For Retired Ex-Tomorrow's World presenters on such a solemn state occasion. Unless he has actually been dead himself for several years.

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I must apologise in advance if there are too many posts by me in the next few days. There is a raging inferno in my head and huge numbers of ideas which I feel it may be necessary to share with you. This includes even more posts about garden birds, and some lists.

Looking back to a year ago, I did a daily post as a sort of blogging advent calendar (or attempted to as Blogger engineering works took place on December 1st and 2nd). God, some of it was really awful. I hope the same doesn't happen again but I probably have a tendency to become a bit of a mentalist pre-Christmas.

So, loads of posts with (1) or (0) comments coming up shortly.

Come off it, Betty love, princess Margaret was crap, only had one good foot, and had a terrible disciplinary record. I remember seeing her get sent off in the League Cup at Brentford, when she tripped up the opposition winger, called the referee "an odious little wanker", and refused to stand up for the national anthem.
Vicus - you are right: she only had one good foot.

I'll have to have a word with the husband - apparently his grandad saw the Queen Mother once in her years at Bolton Wanderers. She had great speed and agility and was referred to as the "fiery Scottish terrier". She always managed to turn up for training sessions on time even if she usually reeked of gin.
I for one like rambling and so I look forward to your many many post
There will be too much unpleasant rambling.

Of this we can be sure.

Word verification description revival - hpguf. The stuff you get round the top of bottles of brown sauce.
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