Saturday, November 12, 2005


It seem that the words Freddy "Parrot Face" Davies are keyed in on search engines quite a lot according to my stats. His name crops up with more frequency than either Betty Swollocks or Clare Nasir.

Good to see Freddy turn up in Hugo Blick's new, very depressing "comedy" Sensitive Skin, having a conversation with Joanna Lumley. Apparently he is her "frustration". Well I never.

So I thought that this month's competition should have a Freddy Davies theme.

On which Tremeloes song does an apparently drunken member of the band utter the words "ha ha ha - Parrot Face!!!" during the intro?

This month's prize is a bottle of L'Oreal Elvive shampoo for grey, thinning hair from Poundland, with the words "here comes the science bit - concentrate!" written on the front in Turkish, and a picture of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston on the back with the caption "Brad and Jen - celeb wedding of the year, and they BOTH use L'Oreal shampoo! They're worth it - are you?!" written on the back, in Turkish.

Get those thinking hats on!

Here Comes My Baby?
Good try, but wrong.
Even the bad times are good? I seem to remember that there's an awful lot of la la ing at the begining, sufficient for a ha ha ing to sneak in disguised.
Thank you for your response, Mike.
Me And My Life?
Thank you for your response, Mike.
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