Sunday, November 06, 2005


A quick round-up of what is happening to some of the blogs on my links bar.

First up, it unfortunately seems that Toasty's Futon has, well, turned to toast. By the time you read this, fingers crossed, it may have turned out to be a temporary aberration, and all will be returned to normal (or as normal as can be expected) in the world of Toasty. One of the things I like about Toasty Lundqvist is that he is liable to go away for weeks on end before posting: face it, a lot of bloggers who post day in, day out, tend to get quite tiresome, rather like celebrities who are always there (Ewan McGregor, the Black Eyed Peas, Vernon Kay). I can only put the constant gaps in his blogging down to enigmatic Scandinavian moods (in the manner of Ingmar Bergman, say, or Bjorn Borg). If Toasty's Futon is no more, then we should feel miserable and ashamed of ourselves.

Mark Gamon meanwhile seems to have entered a state of blogging catatonia, posting up pictures that describe his ever-changing moods. An interesting move, but what has motivated it? Overwork? Seasonal affective disorder? Acid flashbacks? I should imagine it is a combination of all three.

Finally, my favourite words in blogging in the past few days come from the infinitely wise Joe Tucker at Little Dog's Day - "Are you a Giant Dwarf? Go away and check." Reading Mr Tucker's work, I often larff out loud, or "LOL" as we are supposed to say in this day and age. As long as there are blogs like Little Dog's Day out there, the world is not entirely drab.

A mention, too, to Owl Pellets and Trivial Pursuit, blogs which have also served, are not serving at the moment but are not forgotten.

*makes mental note not to post for a couple of weeks so as to not to be tiresome*

Betty, thank you for those kind words. You’re right, I’ve had to take the blog down, but I’m hoping to resurrect it at another URL, perhaps under a modified name, in a week or two. Meanwhile I’m compiling an archived version on Webspawner, complete with (damn nearly) everything from the comment boxes, so all is not lost. Shall keep you posted.
UC - I think I said that in a tongue in cheek way, especially as I have got several ideas for posts in the next few days and am mulling over how many I should unleash before people's boredom levels go through the roof.

Toasty - thanks for the update. Sounds like a lot of gruelling and tedious work will be involved (well, too much for my taste, anyway).
Thank-you dear.

Haven't had a bleeding thing to say so I haven't....

Far more worrying if Toasty doesn't reappear. I shall blub.
I may have to start talking about manhole covers again. Thanks for the mention!
Caroline - I shouldn't worry about the blogging block. I'm not usually the most prolific blogger in the world but I feel really geared up at the moment. Probably a sign of impending mental health problems.

Bad business with Toasty. Is it down to the sinister Blogger empire?

Boggins - Manhole covers is certainly an improvement on some of the subject matter I might inflict on readers in the near future.
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