Sunday, November 13, 2005


Well, I have to say that I have been disappointed with the response to yesterday's marvellous competition.

I don't like to use up posts to berate my readership for their general apathy, particularly as Blogger only gives the writer nine hundred and ninety nine posts to mess about with before he/she has to start a new blog.

Still, and this is a long shot, there may not be many Tremeloes fans out there. I can't believe that. More likely is the fact that people are too shy to leave a comment here. So all you Tremeloes fans, why not send an e-mail, fax, text or even snail mail? Enclose an SAE and send your answer to the following address:

"Tremeloes Competition",
c/o Mr and Mrs Barry Onions,
Yynn Cottage,
Nr. Yynn Village,
Nr. Yynn-On-The Yynnxx,

Or just leave an answer, any answer, in the comments section, you lazy slags.

Get your thinking hats on!

Tremeloes? who? how old do you think your readership is? :-)

Being utterly apathetic, I have no comment to make.

BUT, only 999 posts before making a new blog? where did it say that? *splutter* I've only been going for a couple of months & I'm a tenth of the way there already! whats to do?
I'm with the lady above...

Only 999 posts before making a new blog? where did it say that? *splutter*
And furthermore, I have reason to believe the following couple, and their so-called address are made up.

c/o Mr and Mrs Barry Onions,
Yynn Cottage,
Nr. Yynn Village,
Nr. Yynn-On-The Yynnxx,
Missus A - a recent survey reveals that the majority of my readership is in the 60 to 80 age group. I wish I had the ability to present you with a pie chart to demonstrate the fact.

As for the 999 posts thing, I have it on good authority it is true, but I still can't be absolutely certain. I should have done some research, shouldn't I?

Wyndham - of course the address is genuine. Have you not heard of Yynn-On-The Yynnxx, the pretty riverside town near Yeovil? Barry Onions? Salt of the earth, that bloke.
I answered, I was so sure I was right, but I was shot down in flames...my self esteem destroyed...A shell of a man ... a worm if you will

sorry, just going to take my tablets :o)
um, silence is golden? that's the only tremeloes song i know, and i'm not even sure it was by the tremeloes...

999???? nine fucking hundred and ninetey fucking nine????
oh, and nobody ever reads any blogs on a sunday. why would i sit at home and surf the internet when i can do it at work and be paid the princely sum of £9.39 and a half pee for it?
that's per hour, obviously.

i'll shut up now.
Aginoth dear chap, it is the taking part that counts, not the winning, particularly considering the prize on offer.

Surly Girl - thank you for your response to the Tremeloes competition.

I am still not sure about the 999 posts thing, and it I find out I have been misled I will throw the person responsible head first through a plate glass window.
Silence is Golden. I used to wander round school singing that in a cute alto falsetto. People laughed, but I learnt a lot about harmony...
Welcome back Mark. Your contributions to the commenting section have been much missed in the last few weeks, months, years or however long it is.

I hope you were handy with your fists at school.

I think that the Tremeloes may be due for a cultural re-assessment, but am possibly the only person in the world to hold this opinion.

... aye up, he's gone again ...
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