Monday, November 14, 2005


Thank you for the huge response to the Tremeloes competition. Was it due to my hectoring approach? There were literally sackloads of answers (almost up to Blue Peter Appeal standards) and hundreds of e-mails.

Unfortunately, only two of you "went into the hat" with the right answer. The song on which a member of the band says "ha ha ha - Parrot Face!!!" was Even The Bad Times Are Good.

The first prize goes to Tracy Wiggins of Wigan. Well done Tracy! The bottle of Turkish shampoo will soon be winging its way to you in Wigan.

A consolation prize goes to Mike Enderby. This prize, also from Poundland, is a box of six manky looking crocus bulbs, which may brighten up your bleak looking late winter garden, but I wouldn't pin your hopes on them flowering if I was you. They will soon be winging their way to you in Worcestershire.

* * * * * * *

I have finally got an e-mail address set up. Tremeloes obsessives, people who have had a really BAD day at work and are at the end of their tether, bloggers who want to make bitchy comments about other bloggers, people who know me but have forgotten the other e-mail address, Freddy "Parrot Face" Davies, in fact anyone apart from spammers or the fucking boss I used to work for in the early 1990's, can contact me at ... well, this is the problem. The address is on my View My Profile details, but this is only available if you click on my name in the comments section here or on other blogs. I am trying to work out a way to get around this which doesn't involve changing my template.

I may regret this decision but, in all probability no one will contact me anyway.

... or only to say "stop making a mountain out of a molehill again, dear"

Surely Tracy deserves a bigger prize, purely because she's from Wigan and, since she got on t'internet, has electricity.
Tracy Wiggins may indeed be a brave, pioneering woman and the only sophisticated person ever to come from Wigan, but the Utility Room budget doesn't stretch to big money prizes. Oh, and have you seen the price of second class postage?

I'm sure she can console herself with the league success of Wigan Athletic FC at the moment.
At last my age is working for me! Not that I remeber much from that era - I was more a 1970s 'dial a disc' boy. How much of my parents money I must have wasted on that tinny tripe.
Mike - the fact that I heard the Tremeloes and Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch at an early age on the radio seems to have had the unfortunate effect of making me like them now that I'm middle aged. I'm sure you've had a lucky escape by comparison.
I am deeply disappointed at not winning the prize of a lifetime, but utterly charmed at being reminded about Even the Bad Times Are Good. A song I used to hum under my breath as I rounded 'bottom field' at school for the umpteenth time, having been told to run several dozen 'tracks' as a result of some misdemeanour like failing to cut my hair or wearing a military greatcoat that was about ten sizes too long or not buttoning up my jacket in the appropriate manner.

At one point I started doing the 'tracks', realised no-one was watching, and jogged of to my friend's house. Turns out they were watching after all. Which was handy really because they decided to 'flog' me instead. Which was only marginally more painful than all that running, took up a lot less time, and non doubt helped turn me into the man I am today. Draw your own conclusions.

You see what happens when you unearth the past like this, Betty?
Blimey. Perhaps it is connected to all the cold weather we are having but you are trawling the dark continent of the soul. Mark Gamon: The Ingmar Bergman Years
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