Saturday, October 08, 2005


The winner of the competition to work out the deliberate mistakes in the Freewheelin' Matt Dillon post is Miss Tracey Wiggins of Wigan.

The deliberate mistakes were as follows.

Alan Ginsberg is spelt Allen Ginsberg. Don't you hate it when people don't spell their names like everyone else?

Danny Baker's classic documentary, Don't Look Back, But There's A Bloke With A Really Bad Toupee On Sat Behind You, was made in 1964, not 1965.

Bob's "comeback" album after his motorbike crash was John Wesley Harding, not Nashville Skyline. The reason for his really really daft vocal style on the latter album was due to some disastrous root canal work.

It was Liam Clancy, rather than the writer Tom Clancy, who sat in a pub spouting pseudo-mystical rubbish about Bob and the early '60's folk scene. Yawn!

Congratulations Tracey! You have received this month's mystery prize, three pairs of y-fronts courtesy of BHS Clothing. The packaging features a picture of attractive older man Tom, formerly of the DFS adverts, modelling a pair of the enclosed pants. There are three colourways - a regal claret and gold print, a purple and blue paisley design and a classic plain "Coventry City FC"-type sky blue. The waist size is 40-48 inches. There is also that expression "Three Part Set" on the packaging, where at first you think it says "Three Pant Set" which is much better really.

Once more, well done Tracey Wiggins from Wigan - the prize will be winging its way to you in Wigan within the next few months.

Damn. There was a competition? I missed that. Do another one. I'll concentrate this time...
Littlewoods 'pants packs' are far superior to the BHS variety. If you had been offering these as a prize THEN we would have been talking.
Mark - I'll have to see if I can find some sort of consolation prize for you the next time I have a loft clear out.

Garfer - I've not seen a Littlewoods store for years, but I have depressing memories of going upstairs to their cafe overlooking the ground floor of the Walsall branch when I was very young. Sinister how Littlewoods' stores, Littlewoods' catalogues and Littlewoods' pools coupons all fell out of favour witht the public at around the same time.
Ah yes, Littlewoods was the only place you could get a really weak cup of tea on the High Street in those days. Then you'd go home and do your real shopping from Freeman's and Grattan's catalogues.
A Google search has just revealed that the Littlewoods store is still open in Walsall, which will probably swing it for anyone considering a day out there. I dare say it's a great time to visit, as the illuminations are on. Walsall - home of a lit up arboretum, leather goods, and so much more!

Wyndham, we always took the Marshall Ward catalogue in our house. Don't know if that's still going or not ...
we've got a littlewoods here but it's suffolk so no surprises there. it's rubbish (littlewoods that is - this part of suffolk is quite nice actually).
SG, I dare say your bit of Suffolk is better than my bit of South London, Littlewoods or no. I also dare say that there must be the 400th JJB Sports store due to open in our town centre pretty soon - there hasn't been a new one for, oh, six months and the youngsters are being denied the chance to buy yet more Mackenzie hoodies, or whatever label is in at the moment.

Oh, and I'm full of remorse at sounding as if I was having a go at Walsall like some flouncey London media whore. One love! Big up the midlands massive!*

* (... err, one person from Derby visited the site not long back).
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