Thursday, October 13, 2005


Over at Geoff's Telly Blog Geoff, the suave Ronald Colman of blogging, gives a considered account of the centrepiece of Channel 4's new More4 digital channel opening night - the play
A Very Social Secretary. It dealt with the affair between former Home Secretary David Blunkett and a woman who someone I know and respect would describe as a "real nutbar", Kimberly Quinn. Ms Quinn, a high powered and wealthy woman no doubt meets numerous attractive and intelligent men in her line of work (... and Boris Johnson). Who does she decide to conduct affairs with? Simon Hoggart and David Blunkett! Phwooar!

There was a glaring error in Geoff's review of the play, though, and one common to every piece I've read about it. Why has no-one remarked about children's entertainer Michael Jackson's tentative comeback into the public arena, in his role as Kimberly Quinn?

Frustratingly, I can't find any decent pictures of Michael in A Very Social Secretary despite an extensive Google search, so you will have to make do with an informal shot of him taken a couple of years ago here .


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