Saturday, September 10, 2005


Well I will be off to Madrid for a short break. This must be a relief for all those bloggers who have to put up with my smug remarks and end of the pier humour in their comments boxes and will also explain why I won't get back to anyone commenting here (it's not because of my being a stuck up bitch, for once).

I'm still packing the suitcase, a long and arduous process - I'm with Wyndham The Triffid's missus on this one. You can never pack too much really, despite the tiresome weight limits imposed by airlines. Don't they realise you have to take several wardrobes full of clothes for a week long stay? All this is completely different for the husband of course who packs everything in about 10 minutes, and never forgets anything.

We will be visiting museums, galleries and stuff - in other words, attempting to be middle class and failing miserably. Oh, and obviously I will also be trying to spot Posh and Becks. David Beckham has come up with the celebrity quote of the year recently:

"I'm not going bald. I'm really happy with my hair and am looking forward to trying out lots of new hairstyles".

Good on you David.

I'm hoping to spot some good outfits in the windows of ladies' fashion shops. There are some very distinctive women's fashions in Spanish speaking towns I've visited for some reason, but I'm worried that Madrid may be a little too classy and tasteful. I saw a wonderful electric blue flared chiffon catsuit in the window of a shop in Majorca which might have been the kind of thing Nancy Dell 'Olio would wear to an F.A. dinner and dance. Even better was a turquoise patterned combo of floor length culottes and cropped halter neck top, which I could see the singer Rafaella Cara wearing for a one off television special circa 1975 (with really massive hessian wedged sandals, probably). That was on Gran Canaria. Do Italian women have to travel that far to find such garish outfits?

I will return with back ache from all that standing around in art galleries trying to look earnest and thoughtful.

Take care, but not too much.

if you're anything like me, you'll just end up in zara (although this will bring on new stress in the form of trying to work out if you are paying more or less in euros than you would have done if you had just gone up west)

no eye-deer how to say 'bonne vacances' in spanish, so i will simply say 'appy olidays'!
I doubt there will be any opportunity to shop: such is the husband's hatred of all that business that he'd probably want a divorce on returning home.

Thanks for the bon vacancies, anyway.
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Take an EMPTY suitcase (I did) and then you HAVE to fill it up.

Have a smashing time.
Well, I have returned more or less alive, and within the next twelve months I will be boring you silly with really long posts about the glorious sunsets, the architecture and the colourful nightlife. Hey, do you want to see my endless rubbish photos? I bet you can't wait.

Surly Girl - yes, you are right. It is appalling really, isn't it?

Carolinem - Good idea, but I'd have to spend all week dithering over what to buy.
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