Thursday, September 29, 2005


Every so often I have to do a music post, so I'm going to get it out of the way for a bit now. This will alienate virtually all of you: those who dislike music and those who like music but reckon you have impeccable taste (face it, most music lovers believe they have impeccable taste). My own musical preferences these days are the equivalent of that old woman who hangs around outside the off license threatening to let the teenage boys who take the mick out of her see what is up her skirt.

A playlist then. You can all all screw up you pert little Sienna Miller-like noses in disgust. Like the view up the old woman's skirt, it is not a pretty sight.

Don't Cha - The Pussycat Dolls
The nation's number one. Not as good as the version I first heard previewed for a couple of weeks on Tim Westwood's show. It was accompanied by his usual sound effects: that bloke telling you to haul your ass out of the room if you don't like strong language; klaxon noises; a voice saying "PUUUULLL UUUUUP!" repeatedly; the sound of a car apparently crashing into a wall; Westwood himself shouting "say it Busta!!" overenthusiastically. Still the best pop single of the year though.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda - Iron Butterfly
Song apparently named after a drug addled fool attempted to say "in the garden of Eden" to a member of Iron Butterfly at a psychedelic "happening". Completely daft.

Pon De Replay - Rihanna
Second best single in the top ten.

We Be Burnin' - Sean Paul (aka Shaaan-A-Paaal)
Third best single in the top ten. Return to form for the chipmunk-faced former water polo player. Lyric recommends the legalization of Mary J, whatever that is.

Music - John Miles
Made me feel like crying when I heard this on Spanish radio recently, because music is my first love, and it will be my last. Everyone of a certain age has to come to terms with the fact that this song is magnificent.

The Deram Anthology - David Bowie
There is normally an album by the one-time very delectable Mr Bowie (well, before he had his teeth straightened, anyway) on the go, but I've swung back to the earlier stuff of late. This is horribly twee in places, with all that Laffing Gnome stuff and bloody Hermione Fotheringay or whatever her name is. That's part of its charm though. Includes the fine early version of "Space Oddity". I remember a promotional film for this in which David sang "tell my wife I love her very much" while cavorting with a couple of space age dolly birds. Ding dong!

Dare - Gorillaz
Decreed in our house as not being as rubbish as their usual stuff. Gorillaz are a cartoon band, but, and not many people know this, they are actually teen street tearaways Damon Albarn, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Alan Yentob and Martin Amis. Fifteen ASBOs between the lot of 'em!

All By Myself - Eric Carmen
Big hair, enormous song.

Love Kraft - Super Furry Animals
Now been going for so long that every album they bring out is described as "a return to form". Fairly good, as usual. Single Laser Beam is one of their best, however.

In Search Of Space - Hawkwind
Knockdown bargain from HMV. Good for everything that ails you.

Late Registration - Kanye West
Actually, I have a complaint about this one. There are probably three great albums in here, but in itself it is too long for someone with my short attention span. After the seventh hour of listening to it, I feel like punching Kanye in the face, which is very nasty of me as he had his jaw wired together after that car accident.

Coming soon: my long, very earnest post on the recent forty hour Bob Dylan documentary, directed by the great Michael Winner. Judas! Judas! Show us yer backside!

ooh, a weird dancehall/psychedelic crossover there....i'll admit to liking most of that except the Bowie album cos i've never heard it, and SFA as i don't really get them. that "music" song is ruddy marvellous, as are gorillaz.

can i pimp my blog now out of desperation and ask that you mooch over and put me out of My Fancy Dress Hell?

carry on.
Late registration is good - probably not as good as college dropout but it is good.

And I know that Iron Butterfly song - that was the one Bart handed out in church.
MB - I'm going to persevere with Late Registration, but I'll have to listen to it in shorter segments as I've been told that it's very good indeed. Someone has described Kanye West as "awesome - the goat". Will try to call things "the goat" in as many conversations as possible from now on.
Choice cuts, Betty.

I don't half fancy a walk now.
Thanks and welcome on board Tim. Altogether now ... PUUULL UUUP!
Gorillaz went up in my estimation considerably when I heard Albarn being interviewed the other week. He explained that Shaun Ryder is actually singing "there" but because his pronunciation is like "dare" they renamed the song.

Maybe I don't get out as much as I should, but I thought that was funny, generous and pragmatic.
Hg (real name: Harold Grimshaw) - I am glad that Shaun Ryder is back for another couple of minutes of fame, provided I don't have to listen to any more Happy Mondays records (I think they became a bit pointless after 1990 but these bands do insist on reforming again and again). His disastrous attempt to make a smoothie on the documentary about him was one of the more entertaining things I've seen on telly this year.
Gorillaz rock..! I must've almost burnt through their first CD & bought their 2nd the day it came out (something I hardly ever do these days - though I have just bought the new Sheryl Crow CD a few days 'late'). The 2nd CD was, in the main, more of a 'grow on you' thing but I love it too - except for the monkey mountain track - OK to listen to once or twice but not everytime. So much so that it didn't make it onto my MP3 player..
I just don't "get" Gorillaz, they just seem to be middle aged types trying to keep up with what's young and happening (hah! That's rich coming from me). Still, to each their own - they're popular with a lot of other people ...
They are indeed popular - but despite that they're quite good too.... Just a very small part of my eclectic music tastes. Love the vid's too. Very inventive....
There's nothing wrong with being popular. Not that I would know about being popular of course :-(
Don't give it another thought, Being popular isn't all its cracked up to be - and is so much darn work.... you've got your fan base to please all the time... the phone calls and txt messages to deal with.. and the constant invitations and questions, questions - not that I would know either mind you... but I sometimes sat near some popular people in College...
Bloody bloody bloody Music by bloody bloody bloody awful bloody John bloody Miles? Bet you like Baker bloody awful Street by bloody Rafferty too... :-)

In Search of Space: oh yes. Adjust Me... Adjust Me..
Rafferty isn't in the same league as Milesy, who had a good moustache. I do like some really disgusting music though.
I'm just lovin your comparison to "that old woman who hangs around outside the off license threatening to let the teenage boys who take the mick out of her see what is up her skirt". Absolute genius.
Thank you Donna out of Crash & Donna. I would like to point out that the old woman described is not me, although I'll probably end up like that in a couple of years.
I'm with you on the Gorillaz, whose appeal is completely lost on me. That original and superior version of "Don't Cha" is actually by Tori Alamaze. I'd like to pop it on my next podcast, except I have no idea how to pronounce "Alamaze". Alla Maze? Arla Marzy? Ayla Muzzay? Who knows.
I would go for saying Alla Marzay. If you cough a lot, you might get away with it. Shall check out the podcast anyway.
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