Sunday, August 07, 2005


Site Meter has put a hex on me.

Yeah, I always blame statcounter (which is far superior to sitemeter) when no one visits my blog too ;)
Thanks for the advice, MB. I was blaming Site Meter for plonking their logo right in the middle of my page, instead of somewhere more discreet, rather than the fact that I'm not getting any visitors to the blog ... although, come to think of it ...
The great joy of statcounter is discovering that yes indeedy you do get visitors from your blog. Including some nerd in Venezuala who stumbled across you in a drug-induced haze in the middle of the night. And stayed. For precisely two and a half seconds.
Well Mark I thought it might be a good idea to get a site meter in the hope that my self-esteem would plummet - it's a reality check, in other words.

It has worked.
I agree. All reality checks should come in a pretty multi-coloured box.
Statcounter is best. Nothing can compare to the rush of adrenili - adrenile - adreni - the rush of energy you get when you discover someone in Bolivia has enjoyed your blog for approximately 0 seconds.

Thanks for the link, Betty!
That's okay Wyndham - hope you are not suffering too much and will be on the road to recovery soon.
Bolivia? Huh! I never had anyone from Bolivia. Oh God - there must be something wrong with me...
I'm most impressed by the fact that I've had four who got to the site because I'd listed John Le Mesurier as an interest on Brit Blog.
I get visitors from all over the world. When they realise that my site is nothing to do with owls they go away again. It usually takes about half a second.
How many visitors do you get who are actually interested in owl pellets, though?
Some. I'm the top misleading Google hit for them. Yay for me.
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