Friday, July 29, 2005


Rest in peace Eugene Record, vocalist and driving force behind magnificently Afro-ed shmaltzy 1970's soul band the Chi-Lites. They had a string of great hits, including "Lonely Girl", "You Don't Have To Go", "Oh Girl", and "For God's Sake Give More Power To The People" - this last one has the best intro of all time, ever, but the rest of the song is a not that good Temptations rip off.

When I was eight years old I cried because I thought the lyrics to the number one hit "Have You Seen Her?" told the singer's true story, and he was still pining for the girl.

I'm off now to have another cry to "The Coldest Day Of My Life" from my vinyl copy of"The Chi-Lites Most Golden Collection Of Golden Hit Moments" or whatever it is called, if I can find the fucking thing.

Do you think they'll show a clip on the new style all the family TOTP? Or will we get the reformed chicken in a basket Madness?
We will get the reformed chicken in a basket Madness. For ever and ever.
At least we can name Madness, I'm not sure I could anybody else without a caption to aid me.
Hah! It can't be long before I won't be able read the captions without putting my bi-focals on, and I'll be too deaf to hear anything either. A result all round, then
Captions? What captions?

Oh, THERE you are, glasses...
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