Tuesday, July 26, 2005


My mother-in-law is hoping to acquire a computer soon.

Mother-in-law: "Perhaps I could do those funnies like you do ... what do you call it?"

Me: "Blogging."

Mother-in-law: "Right."

The one regular reader of this blog will know that it is about as funny as sciatica.

Anyway, she may well go ahead and blog, like the rest of us lemmings who are jumping off the cliff into indifference. Just to let you know, if you find yourself clicking on that "next blog" key in the top right hand corner, look out for something like the following posts:

Sainsbury's has really gone downhill. Their fruit and veg is rubbish.
I tell you, I had a bit of a senior moment yesterday! I only bloody left a bag of shopping outside! I got up this morning and there was a right mess outside, a fox must have got at it or something!
Marks and Spencers' clothes aren't all that these days. I think they design everything for teenagers - everything clings to you. I had to take another top back because it clings in all the wrong places.
Robbie Williams is on drugs. Look at his mad staring eyes! He thinks he's the new Sinatra - bloody cheek! There'll never be another Frank.
Those bizzie lizzies we got at the Kent Show have lasted ever so long.
I really want to see that film with - what's her name - Brenda Blair? Blessed? Blethyn? in??? She's ever so good.

Anyway, that'll be the mother-in-law, that will.

I was thinking of doing a mother-in-law post myself today. With the threat of chickenpox hanging over my head like the Sword of Damacles already, I've also got to contend with the arival of the In-Laws. But if I do post about their arrival I'll only end up sounding like Les Dawson, so perhaps I won't.
Go with the In-Laws post Wyndham. It sounds like an ideal 1970's sitcom plot ... cut to the closing credits where everyone, In-Laws and all, is sitting around, arms folded and looking disconsolate, with comedy chicken pox spots on their faces and thermometers in their mouths. Oh, and the Ronnie Hazlehurst theme tune is virtually inaudible under the applause ...

Besides which, as nobody reads this blog, it's not as if anyone will think you are nicking ideas from my In-Law post. Good luck!
I don't know about Ronnie Hazelhurst, it's more likely to be Marilyn Manson.

Oh well, I've blogged it now. Hey ho!
Sounds like it might be pretty good. Let me know when it's up and running.
Hey ho indeed, Wyndham. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

Enderby - I presume you are referring to the mother-in-law's impending possible blog. No sign of her getting a computer yet, but I'll keep you posted. Should she get my URL address, this post will mysteriously be deleted ... Your own blog is pretty good by the way, if that doesn't sound too arse licky.
i want to read your MIL's blog OR a spoof MIL blog as penned by you

*crosses fingers and hopes for a miracle when she next clicks on 'next blog'*
Unfortunately the mother-in-law's blog is looking less likely. She's not got around to buying a computer yet, although she and the father-in-law have spent a fair bit of our inheritance on a conservatory (and the inevitable cane furniture you have to put in it). At the moment she's on a three week holiday on the west coast of America. Pensioners, eh? Never had it so good.
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