Sunday, July 24, 2005


I am suffering from 24-hour-news-channel fever and it is messing up my mind. In the aftermath of the failed bombings, the main story is still the tragic shooting by the police of an innocent man originally described as of "Asian appearance" and "linked to the bombings" - a light-skinned Brazilian man. During the past few days of news-watching, I've seen suspects described by passers-by as being "black", "olive-skinned", "of Moroccan appearance" and "of Ethiopian appearance" - most often, the descriptions were of people a distance away or running. I'm sure that after the blasts, there were a lot of people running, but best to suspect those of swarthier appearance, eh? Or anyone who has dark hair, basically.

I can only conclude that the only people who are above suspicion are those very rare people of a flaxen haired appearance.

In other words, Boris Johnson.

By Cantona! I think you've got a solution to make the world a better place.

The police should instigate a shoot to kill policy on all Tory MPs.
Fair point MB - far less holes in this shoot to kill policy than the current police one, but I can see one major drawback. Most of us would be unable to recognise more than two or three Tory MPs, so there would still be the risk of the police killing innocent civilians.
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