Friday, July 29, 2005


This morning, I was tweaking with my blogger profile, in a pathetic effort to make myself seem like an interesting person with wide-ranging interests. I'd been meaning to do this for ages as the original one was written in haste. A completely pointless exercise, mind. The "view my profile" heading doesn't appear in the top right hand corner of my blog, possibly because that facility was not available when I chose my template. I think it dates back to the time when golfball typewriters and having a wedge and flick hairdo like the Human League girls were all the fashion. As I date back to the time when golfball typewriters and having a wedge and flick hairdo like the Human League girls were all the fashion, I think it is only appropriate. Not that I am going to make this blog look interesting, but there may be one or two surreptitious changes in the near future.

Rest assured, I will NOT be putting a profile picture of a South Park character at the top of the page. Being grim and austere is a way of life for me, and you will have to suffer too.

I'm very relieved. Unless it's Kenny, of course.
Oh, I think I would choose the Vietnam veteran who had the tracheotomy, just to be completely tasteless.
I admire your commitment to pushing the envelope. Whatever that means. Keep up the good work.
I think you are politely saying that this blog is the equivalent of some awful tuneless modern jazz which nevertheless is boldly experimental and years ahead of its time.

Er, thank you anyway.
Making it the world's first bebopblog. Glad to be of help...
Will you two cut it out, please, or I will have to come in there and separate you.
Please do not attempt to make your blog or your profile interesting, Betty. It attracts the wrong sort.
As much as it pains me to do so, I feel I must agree with vicus on this. If your blog becomes to interesting your just asking for trouble.

...beware of Mark, he's slightly psychotic...
Thank you for your helpful advice which I will try to take on board. Fortunately, growing up in the West Midlands gave me a good grounding in being deeply uninteresting. That's one problem solved then.
It IS the world's first bebopblog! Keep up the good work everyone (but watch out for the B flat minor 9 flat 5 just after the turnaround. It's a tricky change to negotiate...)
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