Monday, June 06, 2005


There seems to have been a film about the life of Ian Curtis in the pipeline for some time now, but no definite statement about who will take the lead role. To someone of my age, the thought that Jude Law was to be cast (as was rumoured) really stuck in the craw. Mr BritcackprittyboyyummycoolestmaninBritain(accordingtoHeatmagazine)? Errk. Mind, I'm sure he was really fascinated by Ian's life and was relishing the challenge of portraying him, so it's a shame really.

Still, it looks as if the casting agents may well have their man. Come on, it is staring them in the face.

The same sallow complexion. The same habit of wearing dark grey suits and shirts which just sort of hang there due to his emaciated physique. The same deep set, watery, haunted eyes. Even the ability to throw his arms about in a windmilling fashion. If he could just curb his tendency to be so chipper, the BBC's new weatherman Daniel Corbett would surely walk it.

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio.

Jude Law can't do it he would smirk and simper the whole way through, no no no. Mind you the sound track CD should be cracking though.
Well Jane, I believe Jude is now up for the big one - the Kurt Cobain bio-pic. Reese Witherspoon is already scheduled to be Courtney Love.
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