Friday, April 22, 2005


A teenage goth pair have appeared, hanging around our street of an evening. Last night they were huddled together on the pavement in the parking bay opposite.

Two lovers struggling to hold onto each other amidst the sea insanity. And people who take the piss out of their multiple piercings and the stripy bits in their hair. No one else understands, and no one ever will. Thank God (or, rather, Satan) that they found each other through the fog of life. And they have signed a pact of togetherness. Love conquers all, and conquers all of us, no matter how much of an outsider we are. For some, it is the only way that they will feel included in society. Let us give thanks and praise to love.

Except that next year, she will go away to Bristol Uni. Then, by November she will have told him that she needs space, time to find out about herself, as she is still young, but she's pretty sure they'll get back together again. This means she wants to drink as much cut price cider as possible and have the opportunity to find herself by ending up in the bed of a different chemical engineering student every night, even the ones who are so drunk they would even sleep with a well loved family pet.

In the meantime, he will be putting in all the hours as a junior manager in Asda, having got poor grades in his A - levels. By 22, he will be married to some bird who is up the duff and definitely not a goth, nor remotely an outsider.

Two lovers entwine, pass me by, and heaven knows I'm miserable now.

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