Sunday, February 27, 2005


We here in eX-Tra land are saddened to hear of the marital crisis of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Gwynie was seen storming out of a restaurant when the celeb couple couldn't get a table straight away - obviously a sign that their marriage is heading for the divorce courts.

It's kinda sad. Gwyneth (31) is the second most stylish lady in the world, after Sarah Jessica Parker, and as for moody rocker Chris (31) - what can you say? Is he the only buff ginger guy in the world?!!! Okay, more strawberry blond than full on ginger like horrible, buck teethed, face furniture, middle aged Chris "Kiss The Schoolgirls And Make Them Cry" Evans, but still ... of Chris Martin, me and my girly mates say "GRR!!" We like!!!

Well, even though he must be going through hell right now, Chris (29) may well see a silver lining to this particular cloud. You see, rockers are creative guys and often produce their best work when there are emotional pressures in their lives.

Think of wildman Mick Jagger who penned the beautiful ballad "Angie" after David Bowie's wife refused him the offer of a quick one while David was attempting to put up a sofa bed for him in the guest room. Or of Bob Dylan, who poured his heart out on his classic album "Blood On The Tracks" during the messy break up with his lady, Sara. Or indeed, any song by drab, hirsute indie rocker David Gedge of the Wedding Present.

But our favourite break up song has to be by Rod Stewart, still licking his wounds after splitting up with gorgeous Scandinavian Britt Eckland, with beautiful poignant lyrics such as

"You're Celtic, United/But baby I've decided/You're the best team I've ever seen"

What a towering achievement, and a song which is still remembered by us all 30 or so years later!

So, take heart, Chris, you could be reaching your artistic peak. Besides, us ladies wouldn't say no to filling Gwynie's size 8 Jimmy Choos!!! *

* ... well, she IS a tall girl, so she probably has big feet. That's a size 453 in the US, fact fans!!

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