Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The room is full of cards to be sent, a card which has to have the word "airmail" written on the envelope, wrapping paper, unopened cards sent through the post, a late birthday card for my husband, ironed laundry, unironed laundry, an ironing board, a WH Smith carrier bag, a "Seinfeld" DVD, an empty wine bottle, a copy of the Guardian Guide, some ready meal boxes to be put in the re-cycling bin, a handbag, some gift tags, a pair of calf length beige suede boots and a copy of the London Metro (a.k.a., "Yesterday's News - Today").

I have only wrapped two presents so far. I queued in the Post Office for about 25 minutes.

This afternoon I had to superglue bits of a rubbish MFI cupboard drawer as, in timely fashion, it fell apart. Today, a woman has to be a man just to survive, as Bobby Womack probably sang.

Unlike the MFI drawer, I am just about holding together, but, God knows .......

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