Saturday, December 18, 2004


(influenced by www.geoffsmediablog.blogspot.com )

Get well soon Janette Tough, better known as Wee Jimmy Krankie, vile little 1980's hobgoblin (who can be warded off by blessing your house with holy water, according to Greek myth - see yesterday's post). Following a pantomime appearance, Janette has been left extremely bruised and battered after a bizarre accident involving a giant mechanical beanstalk. Are there any non-bizarre accidents involving a giant mechanical beanstalk?

Perhaps the children's panto has now moved up to another level. Constant exposure to carnage-riddled films and computer games has hardened kiddies up, and the old-hat combination of blokes in tights and people throwing custard pies at each other just doesn't cut it anymore. The Krankies having rusty stage props collapse on them is just the tip of the iceberg.

In future, it will be a case of "Look out! He's behind you! And he's got an Uzi!"

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