Sunday, December 05, 2004

Joy should be unconfined and the solstice bells should ring out, for the BBC has announced that two whole episodes of "The Vicar Of Dibley" are to be broadcast at Christmas.

Britain was plunged into crisis when it was announced that there would be no more "Only Fools And Horses" again ever, ever, until next year at least if they could afford to pay David Jason out of the licence money. We had barely stopped laughing from that time about 4 years back on Christmas day when he and Lyndhurst (N) dressed up as Batman and Robin!!!!! What should have been the highlight of the evening each and every year was there no more - what else could accompany that conclusion to a long and arduous day of eating, trying to be jolly, pretending to like your sister's children, attempting to play board games which get boring after about 10 minutes and the excruciating and hardly containable trapped wind? Just as you were forced to eat the evening cold spread, involving bits of celery, cold turkey, a variety of soft cheeses including one with bits of apricot in and a selection of pickles, only one jar of which is ever opened, there was a great emptiness - not in the gut, obviously, but in the soul, due to the fact that there would be no ensuing merriment from Del Boy, Rodney, the old man who is dead and that horse faced bloke.

This year at least we have Dawn French's amazing beaming face to watch. Actually, I have to admit I have only ever seen "Dibley" at Christmas time, and was usually the worse for wear and mixed wine and spirits. All I can ever remember about it is that my father-in-law always used to say "blimey this is a few years old: when was it? '92? '93? '94?" I think he said this for about three years in a row. The only clip they ever show on other telly programmes is that one where French is introduced to that bloke who is called Clive something or other. He is meant to be a great heartthrob to us older women but I have never understood it quite frankly, as he looks as if a piano has been dropped on his head from a great height. Anyway, Dawn French, absolutely hilariously , goes into a massive swoon and runs off to her house to change into something more flattering and stick a bit of make up on, rushes back to the party and starts swooning at him again!

Just the thought of it gives me a lovely rosey glow all over. Good old Auntie Beeb!

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