Thursday, December 23, 2004


Oh dear, most of them appear to be dead, or pretty near to meeting their maker. Could cause problems, but ...

Peter Ustinov
Omar Sharif - "Fancy a game of bridge?"
Mae West
Nicky Wire - the most curmudgeonly man in rock music: "Glastonbury - they should build a fucking flyover across this crap". Jolly well put, sir.
Peter Cook
Jordan - has a really unladylike potty mouth. Always a good trait in a woman.
Keith Richards
Maya Angelou
Lauren Bacall - frightened an interviewer earlier this year with her "Nicole Kidman! She can't be called a legend!" tirade.
Kenneth Williams
Tony Benn
Coronation Street's Karen McDonald - but only in her pre-spiralling out of control phase. A year ago she wouldn't have wanted to have a baby - it would get in the way of drinking, smoking and running up Steve's credit card bill on designer gear. Prime candidate to get into a fistfight with Jordan.
Little Richard - as mad as a box of frogs. Probably knows how to party, even in his twilight years.
James Coburn, Richard E. Grant (NOT in Argos guise) and Thierry Henry - look, there have to be some comely men. IT'S MY PARTY

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