Monday, December 06, 2004

The arrival of the first Christmas card of the year, at long last. Couldn't work out who it was from the signature for about 5 minutes, which was quite distressing,, but it turns out it is from the old Polish bloke in one of the end flats. Perhaps it has been sent this early because he is going to spend Christmas on one of his endless holidays to the likes of Austria: even a visit to the shops seems to be like a walk in the Black Forest to him, as he carries a rucksack and wears a dear stalker hat.

This is in fact an attitude which is to be encouraged, especially in the UK with its lack of Alpine forests or mountains - there is rarely any crisp snow underfoot but we can all get into the spirit of things to brighten up the festive season. I personally will be carrying a flugelhorn around at all times and will be drinking huge foaming tankards of ale every lunch time. The perfect antedote to queueing up for hours buying £250 worth of shopping vouchers from Superdrug. Come on, let's put the Great back into Great Britain!

But let's draw the line at lederhosen.

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