Thursday, February 09, 2012


Some pigs at a metaphorical trough yesterday

After shocking claims were made today about record levels of Feckless Workshy Families in Britain hitting an all time high of FIFTY SEVEN PER CENT of the population, prepare to fall into a state of permanent indignation when you see the results of the definitive survey of the disgusting material wealth and jetset glamorous lifestyles of Broken Britain's Something For Nothing spongers.

An exhaustive study of ALL of Britain's benefit claimants was carried out by H.M. Government in an effort to encourage transparency in society. Every item in their houses and every activity they had carried out in a two month timespan was carefully assessed by a Government intern who lived with the claimants day and night.

The results will make you feel nauseous or fall into convulsions. Subjects highlighted include:

* The man from Aberdeen who refused to sell a Box Brownie camera handed down to him by his "ald grandad" in his will in order to pay for a bus fare to attend a voluntary placement interview fifty miles away. His response? "They wanted me tae flog it on eBay" he shrugged. "I would nae."

* The couple who lived on Jobseeker's Allowance for TWELVE YEARS while funding a fantasy aspirational jetset lifestyle that involved holidaying in exclusive South American resorts, wearing fancy clothes and "hanging out with famous aspirational glamorous people such as Pete Tong, Raymond Blanc, Heidi Klum and that bloke who runs the Ministry Of Sound."

* The nineteen year old single mother of seven who managed to wheedle her way onto the front row of FIVE Paris Fashion Week shows before being carted off by security. "I thought it was a little curious" said fashion weirdo Karl Lagerfeld "that this rather wide hipped woman in a velour tracksuit was sitting next to the beautifully emaciated socialite daughter of Baroness Helga Of The Prussian Hinterland and Nicki Minaj but I assumed she was making a whimsical statement about the New Poverty."

* The sacked former art teacher who regularly attended and bid at Sotheby's auctions and who had acquired AN EARLY CARAVAGGIO PAINTING. "It's one of his early, Milanese works, so not one of his finest" claims the rice munching do gooder "but already you can see the tentative steps towards heavy sweeps of dark and light, the understanding of drama in the most seemingly ordinary of everyday human activities - it's exciting to see all that emerging."

* The Disability Benefit claiming wino who managed to visit vineyards throughout the world and fraternised with celebrity wine enthusiasts such as Mick Hucknall, Gerald Depardieu and Cliff Richard while being able to shell out for "some decent-ish vintages."

* The grandmother from Wales who asked for EXPENSES to pay for the repair of a broken mangle. "It's the only bit of enjoyment I get out of life - not having to wear damp clothes" she sighed before returning to a morning of hand washing.

The last of these was the one that sent Radio Four's John Humphrys "over the edge" in his own words.

"I grew up in a humble Welsh terraced house and we had to tread stones over our clothes to dry them every morning before heading up the mountain to put in a forty eight hour shift on the coal front. You didn't hear us moaning! Britain's workshy have had it too easy for too long and I intend to make another BBC documentary calling them out. Enough is enough!"

Watch this space!

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On benefits and STILL able to afford anal bleaching. Thank you for exposing this, Betty.
Great to have you back Betty
Not only that but you've brought realdoc out of hiding.
Arabella - after reading the Daily Mail article and accompanying comments I felt the need to bleach my eyes and brain.

Realdoc - thanks, but I don't know if I'm "back" - my average blogging rate is around the one post every eight months mark.

Vicus - perhaps I should turn this into an Ex-Bloggers Re-United site? Couldn't be any more boring than all the other stuff on here.
I'm marking my calender for eight months from today.
MJ - Hmm, the average may even out to once every five years though ...
I would nae have assumed she was making a whimsical statement about the New Poverty but it's exciting to see all that emerging.
Love it.
Donn - You seem to have worked out that my posts have now turned into recycled words from previous posts. I hope no one else has noticed ...
Looks really nice! :-)
HOLY GUACAMOLE check out our Betty here! Still in her utility room sewing 'Eat The Rich' patches on the Levi's of the blogosphere! Welcome back, sweetcheeks!


*gives way to vapors*
busana muslim trendy layali - yeah, pigs have really pert and alluring buttocks <3

First Nations - more like sewing HRT patches into the reinforced gusset of the blogosphere these days. I tend to hang around Twitter if I post at all because the effort involved in blogging brings on all of my minor ailments in one go.
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